Liz Van Deuq
– Hello. Can you trace your history a little? How did you come to music? to composition? to the stage? – I started with piano at 6, then I studied music, university of musicology. In my history there are institutional things like diplomas, and spare time to make bands of today’s music since that
Slim Paul
Dead Already
Just this once, I’m going to drop the living singers to introduce a dead singer. "Slim Paul is Dead Already ", that’s what was written on the CD. Obviously it’s only a position. If some artists come with no fanfare, Scarecrow ex singer comes with a drum and a trumpet (" Nola Song "). Nevertheless
Clara Luciani
The cousinhood with Robi, whose comeback is still awaited, seems obvious – with good bass lines, in particular. By the way, " On ne Meurt pas /plus d'Amour ". Just goes to show! As often, the best tracks are rather ahead (with the hit " La Grenade "). The tracks on the tail of the peloton are
They Call Me Rico
Sweet Exile
– They call him Rico. – And you want to ricochet off this? I replied myself, triply disappointed by this band name which wasn’t really one, by the absurdity of the play on words I just couldn’t hold, and by the vacuity of this artificial conversation with myself. The sleeve even specified: "They
Tamino is his first name, coming from... The Magic Flute by Mozart! And Amir is his middle name. And his first album all the same. Gifted with a voice to die for – softness and mellowness in middle register (" Verses "), chills and fascination in high-pitches (" Habibi " reaches high F!!),