Living in Extraordinary Times
The world doesn’t know it yet, but James may have just produced the best album of their career. A yet long career because started in 1982, with some success in the UK and peaks like Laid , Whiplash or Pleased to Meet You . For I’ve been instantly gripped by this new album. From the first listen,
Traveling Soul
Don’t hide these guys any longer! A very good album from the first listening, and from A to Z. There’s some heat and some soul inside, it’s rather astounding. What’s there, pell-mell? A small consonance with "My Lady d'Arbanville" for " Tales ". With extra banjo and vocal harmonies. Lalalalalala
Scream Above the Sounds
Is it still possible to do good rock n’ roll in the 2010s? The answer is yes. Just swallow Stereophonics’ last album to be convinced. I was hesitating to present you these Welshmen, so well known in the UK, maybe in North America too. Multi-nominated at BRIT Awards, the band now celebrates its 25
Franz Ferdinand
Always Ascending
How to always keep an ascending grade? That’s the question Franz Ferdinand must have asked themselves while taking on this 5th album, firmly disco-dance, as well depicted by the sleeve – yet remaining rock in the same time. First, how to always keep ascending, within one track? Even though there
À Peu Près
When I saw her in Taratata TV show, I didn’t know her at all. Despite a rather flat performance (only an old French rap cover, what a funny idea), her multicoloured shirt and her sweet little face made me want to know more. Let’s dissect this album together. At the first listening I found it