They Call Me Rico
Sweet Exile
– They call him Rico. – And you want to ricochet off this? I replied myself, triply disappointed by this band name which wasn’t really one, by the absurdity of the play on words I just couldn’t hold, and by the vacuity of this artificial conversation with myself. The sleeve even specified: "They
Tamino is his first name, coming from... The Magic Flute by Mozart! And Amir is his middle name. And his first album all the same. Gifted with a voice to die for – softness and mellowness in middle register (" Verses "), chills and fascination in high-pitches (" Habibi " reaches high F!!),
Yann Pierre
– Firstly, could you introduce yourself a little, for the unlucky ones who don’t know you yet? – Well I am Yann Pierre, guitarist, songster. In this order because I began with the guitar. And songster because I’m no real singer. I sing because I write songs, otherwise I wouldn’t. – Which means
Puts Marie
Catching Bad Temper
I’m going to kill the suspense straightaway. You don’t reach here the stratospheric level of the previous album . For tons of reasons that I’m going to work on detailing you. Nevertheless, it’s highly worthwhile taking an interest in it. For tons of reasons that I’m going to work on detailing
– Hello Tamino. Do you think that, for once, we could do an interview without evoking Jeff Buckley? – Oh!?... I don't know. Maybe. – It's your choice. Shall we speak of him or shall we not? – If it’s my choice I prefer to speak of my music and not of other artists. – Because I think people speak