Sophie Zelmani
My Song
If No Money Kids or Kaleo , my previous cards, were poison, then Sophie Zelmani would be the absolute antidote. Her music is soothing, and I often put it in my ears at night to fall asleep with. I imagine my sleep then is of better quality. My song is probably not her best album amongst the 11
No Money Kids
Hear the Silence
Lenny Kravitz had better watch out. The incisive strums of electric guitar, between rhythm guitar and solo guitar, the voice placing itself like an instrument without articulating much (American style), the delightedly vintage sound processing - but so rock - all of this is brilliantly rendered
Move along, there's nothing new under the sun of rock music. Really? Yes, at first sight. Yet. So there is first and especially " No Good ", the (feminist?) song that tells what won't do you no good... but that does you so much good itself! It blows you away. Inevitable riff, pure rock. Depending
Chanson Française
What is Volo? Good French chanson (to the point that it’s even the title of the album). Intellectual, poetic, nostalgic, funny, involved, leftist. Nothing revolutionary though: for this 5th studio album (in 17 years), the Volovitch brothers go on running through their style. 2 acoustic guitars, 2
Girl at the End of the World
There is almost the best and the worst in this album. And sometimes inside a very song. Like in " Attention ", where all the first part is dull whereas, after 2 minutes, it gets carried away and touches the sublime, reminding me of the best Alphaville's brainwaves (" Ivory tower " for instance).