Agnes Obel
Citizen of Glass
Here is a record which is going to reconcile me with my mother. Not that I am angry with her, but it should be noted that we have quite few common musical tastes. So forget your usual musical tastes for a while, be they common or not, and embark for an enchanting journey. Out of time, out of
If Daran counted on this album to reinvent himself, he succeeded. Unfortunately. The single " Je Repars " was available to listen a few months before. I had asked myself why releasing this track that didn’t seem so great to me, although efficient with its whistled theme (one of Daran’s habits,
Arno Alyvan
Tandem OST
Follow him! A composer’s temptation is high, in this kind of exercise, to take an only theme, to offer variations of it and never give it up. Just to give a unity to the sound background of the series. Not here. There is not one theme... but several. Besides the main theme (" Tandem (Soler et
Puts Marie
Masoch I-II
Could it be the music I was expecting deep down inside, without knowing it, since maybe 10 years? Test it yourself... So what? Do you have a dry throat? A feeling of apnoea sometimes? Perfectly normal! And try to listen when you’re lacking sleep: I guarantee you will raise off the ground! It’s
William Z Villain
You have to see him in concert . Even with an arm in a sling, depriving him of playing the guitar, he puts on a show, alone. As a genuine complete artist, he adapted his playlist, adding unreleased songs, helping himself with a little technology (autosampling etc.) and playing his tiny keyboard