Slim Paul
Dead Already
Just this once, I’m going to drop the living singers to introduce a dead singer. "Slim Paul is Dead Already ", that’s what was written on the CD. Obviously it’s only a position. If some artists come with no fanfare, Scarecrow ex singer comes with a drum and a trumpet (" Nola Song "). Nevertheless
Clara Luciani
The cousinhood with Robi, whose comeback is still awaited, seems obvious – with good bass lines, in particular. By the way, " On ne Meurt pas /plus d'Amour ". Just goes to show! As often, the best tracks are rather ahead (with the hit " La Grenade "). The tracks on the tail of the peloton are
They Call Me Rico
Sweet Exile
– They call him Rico. – And you want to ricochet off this? I replied myself, triply disappointed by this band name which wasn’t really one, by the absurdity of the play on words I just couldn’t hold, and by the vacuity of this artificial conversation with myself. The sleeve even specified: "They
Tamino is his first name, coming from... The Magic Flute by Mozart! And Amir is his middle name. And his first album all the same. Gifted with a voice to die for – softness and mellowness in middle register (" Verses "), chills and fascination in high-pitches (" Habibi " reaches high F!!),
Yann Pierre
– Firstly, could you introduce yourself a little, for the unlucky ones who don’t know you yet? – Well I am Yann Pierre, guitarist, songster. In this order because I began with the guitar. And songster because I’m no real singer. I sing because I write songs, otherwise I wouldn’t. – Which means