If Daran counted on this album to reinvent himself, he succeeded. Unfortunately. The single " Je Repars " was available to listen a few months before. I had asked myself why releasing this track that didn’t seem so great to me, although efficient with its whistled theme (one of Daran’s habits,
Arno Alyvan
Tandem OST
Follow him! A composer’s temptation is high, in this kind of exercise, to take an only theme, to offer variations of it and never give it up. Just to give a unity to the sound background of the series. Not here. There is not one theme... but several. Besides the main theme (" Tandem (Soler et
Puts Marie
Masoch I-II
Could it be the music I was expecting deep down inside, without knowing it, since maybe 10 years? Test it yourself... So what? Do you have a dry throat? A feeling of apnoea sometimes? Perfectly normal! And try to listen when you’re lacking sleep: I guarantee you will raise off the ground! It’s
William Z Villain
You have to see him in concert . Even with an arm in a sling, depriving him of playing the guitar, he puts on a show, alone. As a genuine complete artist, he adapted his playlist, adding unreleased songs, helping himself with a little technology (autosampling etc.) and playing his tiny keyboard
Strange Attractor
At first, I have to warn you: I am fan of this band. But more for their musical evolution, their creativity and the wealth of their compositions, especially in the 90’s, than for their two or three world hits so-called "new wave" of the 80’s. Because this band, who celebrated their 30th