Franz Ferdinand
Always Ascending
How to always keep an ascending grade? That’s the question Franz Ferdinand must have asked themselves while taking on this 5th album, firmly disco-dance, as well depicted by the sleeve – yet remaining rock in the same time. First, how to always keep ascending, within one track? Even though there
À Peu Près
When I saw her in Taratata TV show, I didn’t know her at all. Despite a rather flat performance (only an old French rap cover, what a funny idea), her multicoloured shirt and her sweet little face made me want to know more. Let’s dissect this album together. At the first listening I found it
Daran's Interview
– Hello Daran. I’ve just learnt you’re releasing a live album. Watching you on stage gives the feeling that a live album was the obvious. So why only now, after a more-than-25-year career? – I’ve never been very for the live albums, because I think they lack essential data, which are the image.
I Am Stramgram
His stage name is a Franglais pun. This simple thing means a lot. The album name is English, but almost French, except a U. (Well, just like 'vehicle'.) While just reading his biog, I thought I would like him. Listening to the album largely confirmed it. With the two first pieces, excellent and
Gaël Faure
Gaël Faure has the grace. You don’t know why, but does it matter? He’s got it, that’s all. You can see it, you can feel it. And of course you can hear it. His previous album, De Silences en Bascules , acoustic and homogeneous, had left me dissatisfied, and I hadn’t managed to go beyond the